Purely inspired by @kindafitfa_thor on instagram who challanged me to this, I put this out there to everyone else! check it out, enjoy,  and let me know what you think! put in a instagram story or just hit me up on dm and let me know what ya think ! and feel free to sendme albums to listen to or add! 
The challange, put down the remote, sit back at home, in the car , on the porch or where ever it is. and play one of the albums in its entirety and simply just enjoy the music!  
Here are links in spotify for each album, i added a few genres to pick from HIT PLAY, SIT BACK, AND ENJOY ! 
Vektor - Rerminal redux  - 1H 13m
Blood Incantation - Hidden history of the human race  - 36 minutes
TEMPLE OF VOID - The World that was - 37 minutes
Acid king - middle of nowhere center of everywhere -  53 min
Adrian Younge / Ali shaheed Muhammad  - Jazz is dead 001 -29 min
Hawkwind - Warrior at the edge of time  -   47 min
Daniel son - moon shine mix - 42 minutes